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About [-^]
Welcome to oLurdiX Datenbehandlung, Open Source products and services. Currently, you will find an Online Shop for Debian GNU/Linux CD-Sets and printed manuals, and support for the current stable Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

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  • You can come back here any time by klicking the oLurdiX logo.
  • The box to the right of the logo contains the main menu.
  • In the right top box, you can select the language.
  • In the box right to the title, you find the contents of the current page.

News [-^]
  • eBay special from August 30 through September 9: Look here.

  • Slightly new web design + some content changes.
  • Added manual email verification before submit.

  • Update of DP AG prices completed: State JUL 2001.

  • Bug with JavaScript and IE 5+/Opera 5 FIXED.
    Compare below.
  • Updated prices of DP AG. : Paeckchen (D), Paket, Freeway.
    Not complete, as the DP AG did not yet communicate their current prices.

  • Reports about failures with the JavaScript 1.2 pages and the Internet Explorer 5[.5] See below.
  • Some changes to accomodate some minor layout bugs of mozilla 0.9.1 .

ID [-^]
oLurdiX Datenbehandlung
Nibelungenring 15
D-67547 Worms
E-Mail mailto:email_hidden
Phone (+49) 6241-41680/1

Bank correspondence 1822direkt
BLZ 500 502 01
KTO hidden
Empfänger: Stephan Sürken

Browser Compatibility [-^]
  • [HTML 4] All the pages are veryfied HTML 4.01 pages (however, the 3rd-party commercials often add some validation errors later, but nothing can be done about that). This means rendering really works on any HTML 4 enabled browser (or else, the browser is buggy).
  • [JavaScript 1.2] Some more unpredictable behaviour may emerge in the parts of the pages that depend on JavaScript 1.2. These really need JavaScript 1.2 and Cookie support. As there is no (easy) test to determine if JavaScript - if it's there - is actually version 1.2, unpredictable things might happen when run with JavaScript 1.0 or 1.1.
    Furthermore, in practice, JavaScript 1.2 code that run with Netscape does not necessarily run flawlessly under IE's (supposed to be JS 1.2 compatible-) JavaScript dialect.
We eventually test the pages against certain well known browsers; the following results may give you some practical hint what should work and what does not:

Browser Rendering
JavaScript 1.2+Cookies
Netscape 4.7x GOOD GOOD
  • All main versions 4 should work fine.
  • "4.x Netscapes" have (and surely will always have ;) some oddities with displaying PNG image files.
Mozilla 0.9.5 GOOD GOOD
  • Some minor display problems with input items and/or flush right.
  • There should be the same testing results for any browser using mozilla's rendering machine gecko, especially for the excellent gnome browser galeon.
Opera 5 OK GOOD
  • String method "split" is not 100% Netscape JavaScript 1.2 compliant. Fixed.
Internet Eplorer 5.50 GOOD OK
  • String method "split" is not 100% Netscape JavaScript 1.2 compliant. Fixed.
  • Some text in JS message windows seems to be cut off.
lynx 2.8.3 OK NO
w3-el 4.0pre.46 OK NO
links 0.95.1 OK NO

News Archive [-^]
  • Web pages are now "flat"! I.e., html pages are no longer stored under "www/". You will need to update any bookmarked sub-links!
  • Enabled donations to SPI via order.
  • Clearer Layout.

  • Initial version of these web pages.

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Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Stephan Suerken (email_hidden)
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